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Invitation to the workshop in Generatech Madrid

by slavina on December 8th, 2010

Leave home, you shame, stage fright and shame. Here one can see!

That is a radio postpornográfica?

It is a place to meet audio clip of various styles and content related to eroticism, sex, fluctuating boundaries between body and mind.
It is a dark mirror to explore the deeper side of your desires.
It is an open container of music, poetry, cuentos, jokes, groans, orders, lashes, Shared cries and prayers for arousal, curiosity, fear, questions, laughter, racing… and more.

Why a radio postpornográfica?

To better carry the gigs at the office or a dull moment job search.
To be more fun your travels by train, subway or bus.
Why these hartx of Waka waka and gatherings.
Why this afternoon so you can unx invitadx juntxs laugh or even take some inspiration.
Why these solx tonight and want someone to tell you a story, you put on your site, caress you with the voice…

Why contribute to a radio postpornográfica?

Why do you have something to say.
Why you like to play.
Why you confront your limits and you need to reinvent.
Why are cyborg.
Why are Exhibitionist.
Why are altruistic.

Bring your computer and any tools you have at your fingertips connected to the audio (helmets, microphones, recorders).
Bring your stories, your poems, your radio dramas or just your ideas and desires bare.
Bring a lollipop or invite you like to kiss unx.

I hope Saturday 20 November 2010
the 11 a 14 on the Ladder Karakola.

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