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Pornosotrx is an audio clip participatory file (Trx) music, documentaries and fiction-themed post-porn.

Pornosotrx programming like fantasies excite nonstandard, contaminating the body with the thought; provoke critical thinking about gender and / or promote physical contact (with otrxs or mismx unx).

De-construct the contents of eroticism standard – break their taxonomies – revolutionize their ways: Pornosotrx is a conceptual space where playing with ideas of identity and authenticity through a shared artistic practice.

The ratio between all the modern media is the most accessible technical level (especially if it comes to webcasting) and powerful in history and subversive, why does not stimulate and listeners. Not being visual, implements the dynamics of the collective unconscious: one who hears the idea of building otrx. For these reasons, the radio is a communication space that can feed transgressive fantasies and encourage the building of different universes without requiring expensive or complicated tools to use.

Pornosotrx is a web radio collective that enjoys the participation of a network Partners that - through their audio trx - want to tell stories, express concerns, PRACTICAS subversion of ordinary share.

Pornosotrx dialogic wants to be half, where listeners can become protagonists vegan. We talk about participatory radio as: vegan listeners will suggest texts, music, issues to address and to become Partners, publishing their own creations to be issued.

For this reason, fundamental part of the project are workshops, we made with the collaboration of groups and arts and cultural institutions to provide to anyone who wants the conceptual tools and techniques to make a trx and uploaded on the web.