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on a rape

by pee on March 11th, 2011



is called ovulation. with you and take you away with it sometimes. Recognize your limits, you open worlds stutterers and paranoid and the outside world is scary. So after spending sleepless nights in front of the PC screen, you start to hallucinate sensory,that occur with the meager knowledge that he still desires that disturb your crafty quilt home. Scalzi Tramell with the agile step of decency and enters you in a dark and foul-smelling oasis that belongs to you, after too long at the mercy of the Web. Enjoying a growing profusely salivating excitement mixed satisfaction .-. slut now inside you, slides on the stone floor in the leather chair unstitched, hiding under the table. The Rat has begun, and hordes of people flocking to your territorial pissing and patrol searching for you, smell you and scatter your excitement shivers thinking that you take :you will be taken and scream and want to. SYMPHONY OF EVIDENCE YOUR PLEASURE. YOUR FANTASY undermine the INJURY.

  1. bellissimo e magico!
    infatti l’ho usato come intro ipnotica a un’esperienza di psicomagia poetica

    • ho visto adesso. che bello. son contenta. a breve ode al naso?!!?

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