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Workshop in Milan

Organize a Pornosotrx workshop in your city

The workshops are part of the project, living on the web but it feeds of meetings and events in real life.

Are directed to any person or group has an interest in participating actively programming the radio but we demand a peculiar interest groups whose sexualities are hidden or invisible, such as disabled or older vegan.

The structure is modular workshops, depends on the time and the tools we have at our disposal - can be found as a conference, for debate on the elements that can build a radio address postpornografico or rather more detailed workshops, which increase the knowledge of Audacity (we recommend the free software to edit trx), of free sound libraries found on the Internet and the basics of recording - a part of the characteristics of web publishing and streaming audio.

Some resources to start

There are libraries in Creative commons sounds that you can look for inspiration or even use to compose your trx (as Freesound), but we invite you to find or make noises postpornograficos your mismx, recording and posting on the web.

If you want to put music to your fantasy, find tracks of various styles and copyright free Jamendo – I also recommend but surely there will be more [hope your suggestions]

As audio editor, if you've never used one can start instalandote Audacity, it's free.

How to become a Partner

Compose music and you feel like sharing your work with a community of listeners osadxs?

Want to yell or whisper your most hidden intimacies through a free media?

To join the development of this sound file postpornograficos?

Participates in making it Pornosotrx Partners.

Fill form and soon will send you a password so you can build yourself an identity (You decide who you are and what you want to say to you) to play in this space for older niñxs.

Your posts are licensed under Creative Commons [Recognition - Noncommercial - Share (by-nc-sa)] and may be freely downloaded and remixed to recognize your non-commercial use authoring
(if you want to change the license, looks here and after selecting paste the link in the post)

Invitation to the workshop in Generatech Madrid

Leave home, you shame, stage fright and shame. Here one can see!

That is a radio postpornográfica?

It is a place to meet audio clip of various styles and content related to eroticism, sex, fluctuating boundaries between body and mind.
It is a dark mirror to explore the deeper side of your desires.
It is an open container of music, poetry, cuentos, jokes, groans, orders, lashes, Shared cries and prayers for arousal, curiosity, fear, questions, laughter, racing… and more.

Why a radio postpornográfica?

To better carry the gigs at the office or a dull moment job search.
To be more fun your travels by train, subway or bus.
Why these hartx of Waka waka and gatherings.
Why this afternoon so you can unx invitadx juntxs laugh or even take some inspiration.
Why these solx tonight and want someone to tell you a story, you put on your site, caress you with the voice…

Why contribute to a radio postpornográfica?

Why do you have something to say.
Why you like to play.
Why you confront your limits and you need to reinvent.
Why are cyborg.
Why are Exhibitionist.
Why are altruistic.

Bring your computer and any tools you have at your fingertips connected to the audio (helmets, microphones, recorders).
Bring your stories, your poems, your radio dramas or just your ideas and desires bare.
Bring a lollipop or invite you like to kiss unx.

I hope Saturday 20 November 2010
the 11 a 14 on the Ladder Karakola.

Workshop at the Gathering X0y1

old web
Here is a chronicle of the workshop we did last year in Seville.

Participate in the First Meeting on gender and cyberspace X0y1, we discovered many projects interesting.