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Aug 26 12

Scopata quartierana

by Macubal

Scopata quartierana by pornosotrx
a midsummer night, windows are open.
en los Quartieri Spagnoli (Napoles) hay alguien que no duerme

Oct 22 11

become the king of sodomy

by slavina

become the king of sodomy by slavina

Generic: body as a culturally programmed woman with a prosthetic supplement of pelvic 23 x 4 cm exploits the ass of a bio-guy
Sexual Prostheses: ejaculator a dildo
Other materials: condensed milk diluted, you do not call
Technique: reprogramming of a bio-middle-class white woman taking a body as an object that occupies the position of man culturally
Effetto: rimascolinizzazione performativa

(tratto da Testo Yonki di Beatriz Preciado.
traduzione e adattamento propri.
musica di Bach, Cantata BWV29, Sinfonia, Siloti transcriptioneseguita da Felipe Sarro)

Oct 11 11

Irresistable bitch

by Natan Nexus

for every fucking irresistible

IRRESISTABLE BITCH – Prince – SEX REMIX by Natan Nexus by NatanNexus

Apr 25 11

14 December

by Grrrrr

14 December


There are those days of cold, where it is heated. There is heated with the bodies, hands, with love and with the trucks.

The 14 December in Rome was one of those days and this is the story of a love affair.

Mar 30 11

i’m on fire,fire of nothing

by pee

i’m on fire fire of nothing


I. .. I end I would like to turn the other side. forget

if I were wrong even after?

I am sure that smart tongue is wandering between my polpastrelli.impongo my desire for no reason. the accomplice of this erotic fantasy is my sack of flour. esiste.oggi not is the day dedicated to masturbation.

is not a nice saying. and not even a nice prosequi. SAD PANTS IN FEMALE MILITARY LIFE IN PENCE THE HAND I CAN NOT EVEN THE DRAMA INFILARE.TEMO! I could not make..

Mar 26 11


by Natan Nexus



(lasts 2'29″)

fuck me hard – why is life hard…

Mar 11 11

on a rape

by pee



is called ovulation. with you and take you away with it sometimes. Recognize your limits, you open worlds stutterers and paranoid and the outside world is scary. So after spending sleepless nights in front of the PC screen, you start to hallucinate sensory,that occur with the meager knowledge that he still desires that disturb your crafty quilt home. Scalzi Tramell with the agile step of decency and enters you in a dark and foul-smelling oasis that belongs to you, after too long at the mercy of the Web. Enjoying a growing profusely salivating excitement mixed satisfaction .-. slut now inside you, slides on the stone floor in the leather chair unstitched, hiding under the table. The Rat has begun, and hordes of people flocking to your territorial pissing and patrol searching for you, smell you and scatter your excitement shivers thinking that you take :you will be taken and scream and want to. SYMPHONY OF EVIDENCE YOUR PLEASURE. YOUR FANTASY undermine the INJURY.

Feb 24 11

Crack cocaine whiskey dildo webcam chatroom

by SM

Crack cocaine, whiskey, dildo, webcam chat room


(lasts 3'32)

I’ve been exploring the webcam world lately. Webcams have been around forever, but finally there’s enough bandwidth in enough areas of the world for the real fun to begin. That’s why sites like Chatroulette, Stickam or Cam4 have become so popular. Being a sound person (before my porn research, sound was my main occupation and source of income, I know a good sound when I hear it. I was in this gay chatroom, browsing around, and I came across a room where I saw several guys, but I could only hear one. A naked american man in his 40s, sitting far enough from the camera for a full body shot. He had a dildo in his ass and managed to symoultaneously masturbate, drink whisky and smoke crack while intensely verbalizing his enjoyment. This is what it sounded like (radio version, no edits).

Feb 18 11


by dj Ux

SM it’s my style life


(lasts 2'32)

enter the dungeon with dj Ux

Feb 8 11


by Gabbroral Complex



(takes 8’02)

let yourself go to the rarefied atmosphere and night, let me penetrate the ears of the subtle sound of the drill, dejate…